Roland Graduated from 3-Dimensional Design at Camberwell College, University of the Arts London in June 2011.

Peaucellier lamp

Peaucellier Lamp, 2011.

Winner, New Design Britain Award, Lighting and accesories.


Peaucellier Lamp, 2011

The Peaucellier straight-line linkage, invented in 1864, was the first linkage to turn circular motion into linear motion, overcoming an engineering conundrum of the time.

The Peaucellier Lamp, born of an appreciation of the beauty and tangibility of mechanisms, draws on the aesthetic of mechanical objects while employing the functionality that is commonly associated with them.

The ceiling hung frame and mechanism of the lamp, made from aluminium, acts as an electrical conductor for the low voltage LED bulb, enabling the lamp to maintain its clean lines uninterrupted by electrical wiring. The sand filled counterweight doubles as a handle for adjustment of the lamp’s height.

Lamp filled with wax, 2010

As the lamp warms up, the wax melts, changing the light's appearance.

Light bulbs made from glass bottles, 2010


Video Instructable, 2009

How to make a hair sculpture.
Model: Chloe Lewin.
Instructable available on youtube.

Transforming images into sound, 2009

A small device created to experiment with the idea of transferring light and images into sounds.
Drawings on tracing paper are slid over the the surface, varying the light that reaches the sensors.
Lights can also be used to sequence and manipulate the sound output.

The Camberwell Beauty, 2009

Coat hook made for the Super Christmas Market at Somerset House.
Versions were made in Galvanized steel, Rusted steel and 9 colours of acrylic.

Cast aluminium coat hook, 2008

Coat hook made in response to an aluminium sand casting brief.

Digital analogue clock, 2008

Through the use of simple circuitry,this clock uses an analogue motion to light up a digital display

Prototype kettle, 2008

Kettle with a floating handle that is not visibly connected to the body.

Hanging Eames chair, 2008

A hanging Eames chair made of clear acrylic.
The iconic chair was re-styled to make it less masculine whilst using more modern materials.
Construction plans were produced for people to make the chair at home.

Drawing the invisible, Tate Modern, 2009

Passers by could type a personal message or get a secret off their chest,
and their typing would be encoded into a giant work of art

Playing cards made for Poker Stars photo shoot, 2010

Photographer Omer Knaz.

Leap Live Poster, 2009

In collaboration with graphic designer George Lewin.

Acrylic boxes made for Grazia photo shoot, 2010

Photographer Omer Knaz.

Ou et le Swimmingpool poster, 2010

Poster shot on the the banks of the Thames at low tide in collaboration with graphic designer George Lewin.

Entry for Royal Mint Olympic 50p competition, 2009

To celebrate the London Olympics the Royal Mint opened a competition to design a 50p.
My entries covered two of the twenty seven given sports.

Entry for Urban Outfitters design competition, 2010

The brief was to choose the colours and design an exterior graphic for a Lomo Fisheye Camera.
I chose to add eyes, giving the camera a face.